What is a “waterproof work boot”? – Discussing Water-Resistant Workboots For Men

Waterproof work boots keep your feet warm and dry while you work. They keep water, snow and other moisture from entering the boots so that your socks and feet remain dry.

Multiple Methods of Waterproofing

Many methods for waterproofing boots exist. You can buy boots that are already waterproofed either by having Gore-Tex sewn into their interior or by application of an overcoat of waterproofing material. These spray-on materials vary. You can also purchase the waterproofing materials yourself and spray them onto the boots’ surface. You may spray them with wax, silicone, urethane sealant for the seams or use a do-it-yourself approach like WD-40.

What Materials Are Waterproofable?

Rubber boots inherently are waterproof. You can waterproof various other materials, such as leather, canvas, suede and more. Some materials waterproof more easily than others. Suede, for instance, provides a challenge.

Waterproof Boots for Men and Women

You can purchase waterproof work boots for sale that you can also use as hiking boots or as construction work boots. These come in several styles and designs, comprised of each of the materials that can be waterproofed. Well-known brands of these boots styles include Caterpillar, Timberland and Keen.

Sometimes the construction boots you buy do not come waterproofed. In that case, you need to do it yourself. In a pinch, you can spray a pair of already broken-in boots with WD-40. This will provide a coating that waterproofs them temporarily.

Other options include wax sealing that you rub into the leather or vinyl. Once it dries, the boots remain waterproof for a few weeks. You will need to repeat the process after a few weeks.

The same is true of using silicone spray. This method may cause the leather to darken.

In every case of do-it-yourself treatments, you must thoroughly clean the boot before spraying it. Make sure all dirt, mud, and debris have been removed.

While the best construction boots and work boots for men and women come already waterproofed like Everboots (Visit Everboots Facebook Account for their collection of waterproof boots), you can add waterproofing to boots, too. You’ll have a much easier time simply buying waterproof boots with Gore Tex in them.

Walleye Fishing – How to Do It Like a Pro

Walleye Fishing Lake Erie with Lake-Erie-Walleye-Charters

Knowing how to do walleye fishing is something that majority of Midwestern anglers are quite familiar with. Odds are, if you’ve done walleye fishing before, you already know the elusive walleye’s value. It seems to be a holy grail for fishermen in North Country. 

Walleyes are renowned for finicky nature and a lot of anglers consider a great outing once they boat just 2 or 3 eyes. If you’re new to the world of walleye fishing, there’s nothing you should worry about. All you have to do is to know the basics.

Understanding Walleyes

The first thing to do to achieve success in walleye fishing is through understanding walleyes. For you to master such creatures, you should first learn about their habits, patterns for feeding, habitats, and so on. It isn’t enough to purchase the best fishing gear and being on the perfect lake if you do not have a clue on where you can find walleyes. Begin with seasonal patterns and learn how walleyes move from shallow waters to deep waters and back again in rivers and lakes. Once you understand walleyes, you will be able to get better results with walleye fishing.

Artificial vs Live Bait

You should also understand the tackle options in walleye fishing. Anglers choose between artificial lures and live baits. There are times that they try a combination of the two. If you’re not sure what to use, you can visit different local shops and ask for the hottest baits or lures where you like to fish. In addition to that, ask regarding the rod selection that is relative to their suggestions on lures. Usually, the retailers are also field experts and would recommend some kind of baitcasting and spinning rods

It is recommended to consider anything from live baits to jigs, crank baits, and slip bobber setups depending on the season. It’s essential to know that even if your options are endless, you do not require those fancy gizmos to catch walleyes. More often than not, it’s better to go for simpler things.

Boat vs Shore Angling

You have to ask yourself if you’ll be fishing from a boat or on the shore. Lure presentations for every option may vary. Crank baits are a good option for both boat and shore fishing while the bottom-bouncers with live baits are normally effective from boats. Shore walleye fishing may limit your options as an angler. For walleye fishing, boat angling is much preferable.

Be Relentless When Catching Walleyes

Once you completely understand walleyes and their movements, have some pieces of the right tackle and gear and know the presentations you like to try, you’re prepared to catch walleyes. Take note that if you do not succeed at first, just try again. 

Walleyes are hard to catch and most anglers spend their lives after just several trophy fish. If your first tactic, location or lure presentation does not work, never be afraid to change it. Oftentimes, it’s after your fourth presentation you’ll get the first bite.

Best Discount Fishing Tackle for Large Mouth Bass

Bass fishing is something many anglers look forward to with a lot of excitement. This is easy to understand. Bass is one of those staple fish species when it comes to sports fishing. The same is true for many centuries and today, like always, the largemouth bass is exceedingly popular. This species is almost synonymous with fishing in many regions and according to the statistics, it is the most sought-after fish for the majority of fisherman, therefore we have to find out about if discount fishing tackle really works for this type of fish. Look for the best bass fishing lures.

Yet, for anyone who is not very actively pursuing only bass, it can sometimes be overwhelming to find the best gear and equipment for this fish. In fact, the same process, if it is not done properly, can result in a lot of wasted money for the fisherman which did not provide good results. The first thing here that is important is the fact that bass fishing is all about versatility. This means that using bait and lures should be applied in tandem for the best results. Here is how this process should take place, followed by the list of several most effective lures that can be used for bass fishing.

Using Bait to Seed the Bass Attention

Live bait is generally less effective than using lures, but it has its role. The main idea behind using any type of live bait like worms is to generate the attention of the nearby base. Often, they will avoid going for the bait but they will go and investigate it once it falls off as worms and other live bait usually do. This is the moment when their appetite will go up, providing the ideal situation for the upcoming lure application. With the added interest for scrapping these breakaway baits, bass will be more likely to pursue one of these lures.

Using Lures to get the Catch

Once the bait has been applied to slowly gather the bass around the same area,the lures should come front and center. Through their use, the largemouth base should eventually start exploring them and then go for a bit. At that point, the same trophy-sized or smaller specimens can be caught. Here is a list of lures that have been proven to work great with large mouth bass.


These are so-called year-round lures because they work well in any water temperature or bottom type. This means they can be employed in grass, wood, rock and even open-water environments. The same is true for its effectiveness depth-wise – the lure will work in two feet of water just as well as in 40 feet.

Here is a quick How TO video about Bass Fishing


Like jigs, crankbaits work wonders through the year. During the winter months, the crankbait lures that feature a slender design will provide good results as large mouth bass look to supplement their nutrition with catching baitfish. In the summer months, crankbait with wider wobbles will work better when it comes to attracting bass attention.


Most might feel unsure about the use of swimbait as a relatively new type of lure. However, big mouth bass encounters with swimbait tend to end great for the angler. This comes from the fact that swimbait works as a lure that can imitate any type of baitfish.

With this info on the best lure and bait options for catching big mouth bass, any angler will be surprised to see that their skills improved drastically.




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