What is a “waterproof work boot”? – Discussing Water-Resistant Workboots For Men

Waterproof work boots keep your feet warm and dry while you work. They keep water, snow and other moisture from entering the boots so that your socks and feet remain dry.

Multiple Methods of Waterproofing

Many methods for waterproofing boots exist. You can buy boots that are already waterproofed either by having Gore-Tex sewn into their interior or by application of an overcoat of waterproofing material. These spray-on materials vary. You can also purchase the waterproofing materials yourself and spray them onto the boots’ surface. You may spray them with wax, silicone, urethane sealant for the seams or use a do-it-yourself approach like WD-40.

What Materials Are Waterproofable?

Rubber boots inherently are waterproof. You can waterproof various other materials, such as leather, canvas, suede and more. Some materials waterproof more easily than others. Suede, for instance, provides a challenge.

Waterproof Boots for Men and Women

You can purchase waterproof work boots for sale that you can also use as hiking boots or as construction work boots. These come in several styles and designs, comprised of each of the materials that can be waterproofed. Well-known brands of these boots styles include Caterpillar, Timberland and Keen.

Sometimes the construction boots you buy do not come waterproofed. In that case, you need to do it yourself. In a pinch, you can spray a pair of already broken-in boots with WD-40. This will provide a coating that waterproofs them temporarily.

Other options include wax sealing that you rub into the leather or vinyl. Once it dries, the boots remain waterproof for a few weeks. You will need to repeat the process after a few weeks.

The same is true of using silicone spray. This method may cause the leather to darken.

In every case of do-it-yourself treatments, you must thoroughly clean the boot before spraying it. Make sure all dirt, mud, and debris have been removed.

While the best construction boots and work boots for men and women come already waterproofed like Everboots (Visit Everboots Facebook Account for their collection of waterproof boots), you can add waterproofing to boots, too. You’ll have a much easier time simply buying waterproof boots with Gore Tex in them.

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